The Time is Now–25 Days of Corona


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Join us in 25 Days of Corona

We don’t have any toilet paper, but, we’ve got other fun stuff to help you out! Why not pick up a new skill such as learning to build your own website using WordPress? Perhaps you’ve had a marketing idea on the back burner due to time constraints? No better opportunity than self-isolation time to pick up a new skill or bring a new idea to life!

Amid the worldwide pandemic chaos, the time for helping and supporting each other has never been greater. As economic headaches loom, store owners need to find new and creative ways to conduct their businesses in these times of self-isolation.

To that point, in order to help other small businesses thrive and continue to conduct their trade in alternative ways, Orange Ambition will be offering 25 days of specials and discounts to help support other businesses. We’ll be offering things like special discounted hourly rates and packages on different days. All you’ll have to do is book and pay for your service using the daily coupon codes and we’ll get in touch to begin your projects. For example, we’ll be offering our WordPress Beginner’s manual for $25 one of the 25 days; we’ll be offering a $25/hour rate when you book your support appointment between 10-2pm and pay in that time frame on certain days (and the hour of support can be used at any time, not just that day!)

We hope that other small business owners find these 25 Days of Corona promotions helpful. Our goal is, as always, to help and support small business owners be successful in their online website marketing plans. We are dedicated to supporting you through this and all times.

Bookmark the Specials Page and visit daily to see each new special as they are announced!

Changes we’ve made to protect your safety

Orange Ambition is in the privileged position of being run as a primarily socially distant and socially isolated business. In order to enhance your safety and ours, we’ve made a couple changes to the way we conduct our business during this historical time frame.

First Time Consults

Normally conducted in person, first one hour consults still remain free but will now be conducted online via Zoom meeting software. Book your appointment now:


Meetings will all be conducted via telephone or online via Zoom meeting software. We will not be booking any in-person meetings before April 20, 2020 (subject to change based on Canada Emergency Plan Guidelines)

One to One Training Sessions

These sessions, for the benefit of the learners, are normally conducted in person. During this time, we will offer online sessions via Zoom meeting software or alternately, you may reschedule for another date of your choosing after April 20, 2020.

Website Maintenance and Support Services

There are zero changes to your support and maintenance schedules. These activities require no customer interaction and will continue as regularly scheduled services. 

Book Your Appointment Today

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