Yearly Access-Mastermind Classroom Zone

Purchase a one year membership to the Orange Ambition Design Mastermind Classroom Zone. Membership includes one year access to all current and future online classes during the year in the Mastermind Classroom Zone.


At Orange Ambition, we believe in empowering all small business owners to be able to DIY their own business website. We also believe in offering tremendous value. To that end, you can get one year access to the Beginner's Build a Website Class and study at your own pace over the course of a year.

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What you'll learn:

No coding skills required! This class aims to provide you with knowledge and information to be able to “D.I.Y”

This 1.5 hour class will arm you with the skills and confidence to begin building your own business website. You’ll take away actionable steps that you can implement right away.

An entry level class for beginners, this class is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn to build a website for their business. The class covers the following information:

  • Introduction
    • Why Build your own business website
    • What do you need to start
    • Why a business strategy is so important
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Choosing a web host
  • Wireframe
  • Introduction to cPanel
  • Installing a CMS (Content Management System)
  • What business types will benefit from a CMS like WordPress
  • Choosing a theme
    • Child Themes–what they are and when to use one
  • Plugins
  • Begin building a website
    • Post versus Page
    • Categories and tags
    • Adding content and images
    • Create a menu
    • Install plugins
  • Linking up social media platforms