Analytics Account Set Up

Understanding how your website traffic is functioning is key to enabling business owners to take decisive marketing actions. When you have statistics on your side, those decisions are far easier to make! Orange Ambition can set up a Google Analytics account and add your account tracking codes to the headers or your WordPress website, verify your domain and enable basic stats info on your WordPress dashboard using a plugin. We'll set up your analytics account if you don't already have a GMB account, and ensure you're able to log in and explore the full statistical reporting power in your Analytics dashboard.

With the use of the Analytics Dashboard offered by Google, you'll be able to view things like what devices are most commonly used to view your site, how many visitors you get and what duration they stay on your site. You'll also be able to see how effective your landing pages are and where you might have visitors dropping off your site. This statistical information enables you to decide where your website marketing efforts are paying off and where you could improve the visitor experience.