New in the Orange Zoo

We have been busy creating new valuable learning resources for small business owners. That's how we are closing out our year!

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We've been busy!

Seems like it’s been pretty quiet and we haven’t shared a lot lately, but that’s because we’ve been so busy creating something shiny, useful & new for business owners!

We’ve created an online classroom where business owners can go get bite-sized pieces of training and information to help them with their website, their business, their marketing and their human resources needs.

Filled with lots of free tutorials as well as full length courses on a whole range of topics, we know it will be a very useful resource for small business owners looking to improve anything about their online presence. There are plenty of membership options to suit any small business owner’s needs and new content is being added each week. So if you’re committed to learning as one of your new year’s resolutions, let us help you and bring you the most useful things for your business in 2022!

Go check it out today at

 To get to some of the freebies, visit: