The mighty little favicon

They’re so much fun to make these days, with a lot of choices to help you out.

We recently published a guest post on Flywheel’s Layout publication where we discussed creating a favicon. After publication, we found a couple of cool plugins on WordPress that will also do the trick.

In the article we guest-posted, we discussed a “do-it-from-scratch” method to create and upload favicons onto your site. Even though it was only four steps, it might still seem a little daunting. If nothing else, it’s great information to have and teaches you to be more fearless when working with code and gives you the opportunity to explore some other aspects of your WordPress site and theme that you may not have seen before.

Some additional options

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add or change your favicon, a quick look in the WordPress repository will show a couple of plugins that would do the trick; one of them was even made by RealFaviconGeneratorwhich we discussed (and named our winner) in our article on the Layout.


Another interesting option in the repository was FavIcon Switcher. Not only does it help you create favicons and automatically resize them, you have the option to show different favicons, based on parameters you set. For example, if you wanted one type of favicon for your post categories such as recipes and another for your post categories named “knowledge”, this plug in helps you accomplish that.


Quick Favicon was another interesting looking plugin which appears to have plenty of options for Android, iOS and Windows 8 tiles. It also has great ratings and more than 1000 installs. A great bet to try next time you’re looking for a favicon plugin to help you.


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