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Can I build a website before purchasing web hosting?

Can I build a website before purchasing web hosting?

What are the benefits of using localhost?
Having a staging set up on your own computer is very beneficial for testing. The reality is that it’s best to perform updates to WordPress core files and plugins and themes in a staging environment so as not to risk crashing your live site in the event that an update breaks your set up. It’s a great place to try out new design ideas for your website without the risk of visitors seeing your changes before you have them perfected.

Creating a Development Site on a Subdomain

Creating a Development Site on a Subdomain

Many of our clients are daunted by the task of updating WordPress core files and plugins, simply because of a fear of breaking their website. After all, many hours have been spent setting it up, designing and perfecting it; who would want to break their masterpiece, especially if it’s working just fine in the first place? In this article we’ll explain the benefits of a development site and how to create one in 7 steps.

What is SEO and why is it important?

What is SEO and why is it important?

Your objective as a business owner is to be found, liked and visited on the web. It’s difficult to be found if the search engines place you on the fourth page of search results.

There are many factors which impact SEO on a website.

Make Your Website Build More Efficient

  Do you find yourself building websites frequently? Need to make the time to build a bit shorter? There's an easy way to increase your efficiency when building multiple websites. It takes a bit of set up, but once you've invested that time on the front, you'll...

The Gutenberg Update–How Much Will WordPress Change?

Coming Soon to a WordPress back end near you; the Gutenberg Editor update The plan is, whenever WordPress Core 5.0 rolls out, that Gutenberg could be the new default editor in WordPress. It's been causing a lot of commotion on the support groups and feedback that...

What the H**k am I Paying For?

Do you pay a monthly maintenance fee for your website? You might wonder what is covered in that cost. And if you’re looking for a way to cut that cost, there’s some education you’ll need before you can DIY. Inevitably during every class I teach about building a website, the question comes up about what they are paying their designers a monthly maintenance fee for. They take a look at the process during …

Is an LMS right for my small business?

Is an LMS right for my small business?

What is an LMS? LMS stands for "learning management system" and there are several types to choose from.  Saas companies offer large scale software programs to help deliver online learning portals so that you can deliver online training to your staff in trackable...

How to Migrate WordPress

You've decided to change your domain and now it's time to migrate WordPress to a new location. Sometimes a new domain name is in order and you'd like to migrate your website.  There's always a fear though of losing all that content you've spent time building up.  This...

7 Telltale Signs You Need to Get a New Web Design

Is it time for a makeover on your website? Here's 7 telltale signs you need to get a new web design.   Links are broken Broken links are detrimental to your SEO rankings.  If the bots can't establish a link, then it's as good as not having one in the first place....

Front End Development

Get started today! Purchase your Development Package via PayPal. Choose the PayPal "Buy Now" button to pay for your project.  Then, return to the Appointment button and choose the Consult option so we can get started on your project together.      

White Screen of Death in WordPress: Don’t Freak Out!

The WordPress White Screen of Death: Don't Freak Out This article will help you prevent it from happening and how to solve it if it does happen to you. If you haven't been there yet, you will one day.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a gut wrenching...

Should I Pay or Should I Go Now? How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Should I Pay or Should I Go Now?--How to Choose a WordPress Theme So you've decided to build a website using WordPress.  Now, you have some decisions to make.  One of the toughest choices you'll need to make is which theme to choose.  There are plenty to choose from;...

7 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Web Design

7 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Web Design   Want to learn about web design? These 7 Twitter accounts are the best for gaining insights into all things web design including HTML, CSS and SEO best practices. They're filled with helpful ideas and tips....

Ultimate Checklist for Building a Website with WordPress

Ultimate Checklist for Building a Website with WordPress

Ultimate Checklist for Building a Website With WordPress [su_dropcap]1[/su_dropcap]Choose logo design and colors If you have these chosen already, you're ahead of the game.  If not and you need some help, there's a bunch of great designers out there, both in your city...