Is an LMS right for my small business?

What is an LMS?

LMS stands for “learning management system” and there are several types to choose from.  Saas companies offer large scale software programs to help deliver online learning portals so that you can deliver online training to your staff in trackable formats.  But what if your small business isn’t ready to spend $18,000 or more per year to sign up for their programs?


Delivering online training to your staff doesn’t have to be so expensive.

With a content management system like WordPress, combined with membership plugins like WPMember and an LMS plugin, you can create your own affordable and easy to manage online training system and track the progress of your staff learning.

At a maintenance cost of about $500 per year, this is a much more affordable solution for small business owners to deliver online training to their teams to keep them at the top of their game.


Tracking learning progress is a breeze.

Plugins like LearnPress provide tracking progress so you can easily see who is meeting the standards and expectations.  LearnPress Plugin

LearnPress Plugin

LearnPress Plugin

If you’re interested in exploring your own LMS for your small business to provide staff training online, reach out to us at Orange Ambition to help decide the right type of set up for your company’s needs.