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New in the Orange Zoo

We have been busy creating new valuable learning resources for small business owners. That’s how we are closing out our year!

The Big Switch: Moving from Elementor to Divi

Making the Switch from Elementor to Divi is Possible. In many of the forums we follow, we frequently see the question, ‘How do I switch from Elementor to Divi?’

Creating a Development Site on a Subdomain

Many of our clients are daunted by the task of updating WordPress core files and plugins, simply because of a fear of breaking their website. After all, many hours have been spent setting it up, designing and perfecting it; who would want to break their masterpiece, especially if it’s working just fine in the first place? In this article we’ll explain the benefits of a development site and how to create one in 7 steps.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Your objective as a business owner is to be found, liked and visited on the web. It’s difficult to be found if the search engines place you on the fourth page of search results.

There are many factors which impact SEO on a website.

Build a Website–A Beginners Class for Entrepreneurs

New Class Date Added–Last Tuesday of Every Month 7-9pm–NOW ONLINE! Join class from the comfort of your own home or office! We are hosting a class for small business owners and entrepreneurs on the last Tuesday of every month from 7-9pm. An entry level class for beginners, this class is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn to build a website for their business.
No coding skills required! This class aims to provide you with knowledge and information to be able to “D.I.Y”

Is an LMS right for my small business?

What is an LMS? LMS stands for "learning management system" and there are several types to choose from.  Saas companies offer large scale software programs to help deliver online learning portals so that you can deliver online training to your staff in trackable...

WordPress Meetup Group Calgary–YYCWPMUG–The place to learn!

WordPress meetup groups and why you should go I've spent about the last three years attending the Calgary WordPress Meetup Group.  It's held once per month on the second Tuesday of each month at a place called Assembly Coworking Space.  It's a terrific place to go...

WordCamp YYC 2015–Seminar Reviews

WordCamp--great people, great swag and great seminars.   WordCamp is where local WordPress enthusiasts join together for a day of networking and seminars.  The 2015 WordCamp YYC was a great opportunity to meet other geeks and novices for a day of education and...

Come talk WordPress Plugins with us! We’re Hosting a Blab!

Join us on Wednesday, February 17th at 8 pm MST for a Blab! We'll be talking about WordPress Plugins.  And you get to cast a vote in the plugin SHOWDOWN!!   WordPress plugins can make or break a website.  Come get your two cents in about the best WordPress...

Security: Would You Leave Your Car Unlocked with $50 on the Dash? 3 Simple Things to Beef Up Your Website Security

Would you leave your car doors unlocked with a $50 bill on the dashboard? Then why on earth wouldn't you beef up security on your WordPress website? Security is sometimes something we take for granted.  We rely on the honesty of other human beings in our midst.  In...

The Gutenberg Update–How Much Will WordPress Change?

Coming Soon to a WordPress back end near you; the Gutenberg Editor update The plan is, whenever WordPress Core 5.0 rolls out, that Gutenberg could be the new default editor in WordPress. It's been causing a lot of commotion on the support groups and feedback that...

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