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Can I build a website before purchasing web hosting?

Can I build a website before purchasing web hosting?

What are the benefits of using localhost?
Having a staging set up on your own computer is very beneficial for testing. The reality is that it’s best to perform updates to WordPress core files and plugins and themes in a staging environment so as not to risk crashing your live site in the event that an update breaks your set up. It’s a great place to try out new design ideas for your website without the risk of visitors seeing your changes before you have them perfected.

Creating a Development Site on a Subdomain

Creating a Development Site on a Subdomain

Many of our clients are daunted by the task of updating WordPress core files and plugins, simply because of a fear of breaking their website. After all, many hours have been spent setting it up, designing and perfecting it; who would want to break their masterpiece, especially if it’s working just fine in the first place? In this article we’ll explain the benefits of a development site and how to create one in 7 steps.

What is SEO and why is it important?

What is SEO and why is it important? SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and it's important because if you have favorable SEO on your website, it's likely to rank higher by search engines such as Google or Bing.  Your objective as a business owner is to be...

Make Your Website Build More Efficient

  Do you find yourself building websites frequently? Need to make the time to build a bit shorter? There's an easy way to increase your efficiency when building multiple websites. It takes a bit of set up, but once you've invested that time on the front, you'll...

The Gutenberg Update–How Much Will WordPress Change?

Coming Soon to a WordPress back end near you; the Gutenberg Editor update The plan is, whenever WordPress Core 5.0 rolls out, that Gutenberg could be the new default editor in WordPress. It's been causing a lot of commotion on the support groups and feedback that...