Applications for Federal Grant Money Opening Soon!

The federal government has a grant program which will be reopening for applications on Feb. 16/21 at 1pm EST. Qualified applicants could get up to $5K of web expenses reimbursed.

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CUP grant applications re-open on Feb 16/21 at 1pm EST.

Hope you’re all safe and warm this week!


I wanted to share some info with you that may help you or your business to get some things done with your websites that you may have been holding off on due to the whacky up/down/open/closed Covid world we’re in right now.


There is a grant available from the federal government which is reopening applications on Feb 16th at 1pm EST. The grant money (of course) has some prerequisites and stipulations and is for the purposes of reimbursement for expenses up to $5000. I thought I’d forward the link to you to check out. It’s written by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, but the grant money is available (starting Feb 16th) to all regions across Canada.
Hope you find it helpful! Happy winter!