7 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Web Design


Want to learn about web design? These 7 Twitter accounts are the best for gaining insights into all things web design including HTML, CSS and SEO best practices. They’re filled with helpful ideas and tips.



These guys have a site filled with both beginner level tutorials and advanced level nerdy code tools. They also have lots of freebies too!


Lots of bite-sized tutorials on a bunch of topics, including web design and photography to name a couple. One recent article was an alternate solution to the annoying “type some random stuff I see in a picture to prove I’m not a robot”–also known as Captcha. That article can be seen here.


These guys offer lots of articles on increasing user engagement.


These guys are a wealth of information! Offering articles on social media integration, you’ll find some very useful stuff here.


Great resource for SEO related tips and information.


How could we not include Matt Mullenweg, father of WordPress in this list?


Well written, fun takes on web design; this site offers lots of guidance and freebies too.


Hope you find them as entertaining, helpful and interesting as we do! You can follow us on Twitter too you know! @OrangeAmbition